Lucha Libre 2 Spin Boost

Yes we know that this weekend’s Lucha Libre 2 Spin Boost is the third event on the bounce that we have run on this game but we just cannot help it. It is just too good! To be fair the last two have been free spins which do carry a max cashout. So this is the first time you are really able to let loose and go for that big hit with no limit to the amount you can withdraw! Our Lucha Libre 2 Spin Boost event gives you free spins on every deposit you make with no strings attached. […]

Lucha Libre vs. Lucha Libre 2

Following the spectacular launch of Lucha Libre 2 last week we were wondering which is better – Lucha Libre or Lucha Libre 2? So this week we are giving everyone free spins on both games to find out! Lucha Libre Spin Battle We have free spins available on both games for every player so play them both and let us know who wins on our Facebook and Twitter pages. If you want to check out the specs we have a full review available. 20 x $1.00 Lucha Libre Free Spins – Redeem Code: BJTHV 22 x $0.90 Lucha Libre 2 Free Spins – Redeem Code: VM4VQ […]

VIP Deposit Boost

VIP Deposit Boost Snow is amazing, but wouldn’t it be great if it didn’t get in the way so much. If you are staying in this weekend we can keep you entertained with our VIP Deposit Boost Kudos event. Its just like your favourite Deposit Boost Kudos but with a little twist that could see you claim even bigger bonuses. How it Works Everyone will get at least 12% and this amount increases with your Kudos Club level up to a whopping 15%. All you have to do is claim the appropriate VIP Deposit Boost code with your deposits. The […]

Lucha Libre 2 Free Spins

Taco Malo is back with a vengeance in our brand new video slots game! So join him with 30 Lucha Libre 2 Free Spins worth over $20 with no deposit required. First of all, if you want to learn more we have posted a full review of this game. There is loads of information, screenshots, video and all the technical specs. You can even play the game for fun without logging in or any other messing about. So go ahead and check out the review or dive straight in off the top rope and claim your Lucha Libre 2 Free Spins. Lucha Libre […]

Lucha Libre 2

Taco Malo is back in Lucha Libre 2 to kick ass and chew gum. And he is all out of gum. Lucha Libre 2 A blistering sequel to the popular Lucha Libre has arrived from the masters of Video Slots action at Kudos Casino! Follow the adventures of Taco Malo as he goes up against a new competitor – the fearsome and hulking Nacho Friend! Wrestler Wilds will multiply prizes by up to x10 or to jump onto other reels when they cover their reel! Choose from three hilarious new finishing moves to try and win the final fight against […]