Kudos Club

~ Welcome to the Kudos Club ~

As soon as you create your account with Kudos Casino you will be automatically enrolled in the Kudos Club and will start to receive all the Level 1 Kudos Club benefits immediately. As you continue to play at Kudos Casino you will see your Kudos Club Level increase giving you even better cash back rates! You don’t need to be a high roller to progress, and with 8 Levels your Club Level will increase rapidly.

You will receive at least three cashback credits for every deposit you make, and there is always something extra happening in our special events. You don’t need to do anything to claim your Cash Back, just play your deposits your way – if you win just request your withdrawal, and if you don’t we will do the rest.

~ Kudos Cash Back ~

Daily Kudos Cash Back
Every day of the week, including weekends, we will credit your account with your daily Kudos Cash Back for any deposits lost the previous day.

Weekly Kudos Cash Back
Every Friday we will credit your account with your weekly Kudos Cash Back based on Deposits lost all week (previous Friday through to Thursday).

Monthly Kudos Cash Back
On the first working day of every month we will credit your account with your monthly Kudos Cash Back based on Deposits lost for the previous calendar month.

~ Kudos Comp Points ~

You will automatically earn Kudos Points as you play which you can convert into cash at any time using the casino cashier at the rate of 100 Kudos Points = $1. The rate at which Kudos Points are earned depends on your Kudos Club Level and cash earned through Kudos Points have no wagering or withdrawal restrictions at all.

~ Kudos Club – Membership Levels ~

If you are loving your Cash Back and want even more then the Kudos Club is for you. All you have to do to increase your Kudos Level is play as you normally would, we will contact you as your level increases.

Kudos Level 1: At this level you will enjoy generous Cash Back and Kudos Points on your wagering.

Kudos Level 2: If promoted to Level 2 you will see an increase to your Daily, Weekly and Monthly Cash Back rates along with the rate that you earn Kudos Points, plus access to special tournaments, promotions and events. You will even see an increase to the maximum cashout from your Kudos Cash Back Credits.

Kudos Level 3: At Level 3 your Cash Back and Kudos Point rates will increase even further and in addition to all the benefits of being at Level 2 you will also gain access to even more generous events. Also, your maximum cashout from Kudos Cash Back Credits will be increased even further!

Kudos Levels ++: Above Level 3 you will see all the benefits of Kudos Club membership increasing with an emphasis on your Monthly Kudos Rate!

Kudos Level Daily Kudos Weekly Kudos Monthly Kudos Max Cashout Cashback on Wagering*
1 25% 15% 10% 20x 0.050%
2 27% 17% 11% 21x 0.059%
3 30% 20% 12% 22x 0.067%
4 32% 22% 13% 23x 0.077%
5 35% 25% 15% 24x 0.083%
6 36% 26% 18% 25x 0.091%
7 37% 27% 20% 26x 0.100%
8 38% 28% 23% 27x 0.111%

* Awarded through our Kudos Comp Points

~ Kudos Club Terms ~

The Kudos credits are non redeemable and have a wagering requirement of 10x the credit amount with all games permitted equally. There is a maximum cashout of 20x the credit amount or more depending on your Kudos Club Level. Please read the full terms and conditions before play.