St Patricks Spin Boost

Its St Patricks Day this weekend and there is only one way to celebrate at Kudos Casino and that is with a special St Patricks Spin Boost event. You will never guess which game we have chosen.. St Patricks Spin Boost Yep. Its Lucky 6. If you have been around the block a few times (I know I have) then skip to the codes.  If you are new then here is how it works. Our Spin Boost events are simplicity itself. Just make your deposit and claim the code to receive $1 of Free spins for every full $10 of your […]

Ritchie Valens La Bamba

Find your classic 50s groove with Ritchie Valens La Bamba, the brand new All Ways Pays, Six Reel Video Slot at Kudos Casino. Ritchie Valens La Bamba Ritchie Valens is an expanding, doubling Wild and the features are triggered by 4, 5 or 6 scatters. The more scatters trigger the feature the better it gets with Prize Multipliers, More Expanding Wild Ritchies and re-triggers. Check out the full specs below. Free Spins for Every Player And you guessed it – we have some free spins for you! Burn rubber over to the free spins page and you will be made in […]

Ritchie Valens Free Spins

Claim 20 Ritchie Valens Free Spins worth $18 and get your 50s groove on with the slick sounds of our latest Video Slots. We have posted a full review of this game loads of information, screenshots, video and all the technical specs, so go have a look. Once you have your white socks on get logged in and claim your free spins. Ritchie Valens Free Spins 20 x $0.90 Spins on Ritchie Valens La Bamba – Redeem Code: KTGTV There are several ways to claim your Ritchie Valens Free Spins – you can visit the Available Coupons section of the cashier, enter the code manually […]

Kudos Accumulator

The Kudos Accumulator was very popular so this weekend we are giving it another run. Like the cashback ladder this event gives you a generous boost to your Daily Kudos every day over the weekend, but this time it increases further based on your weekend action. The Kudos Accumulator To start with everyone will receive an extra 10% Daily Kudos. Then you will receive another 1% Daily Kudos for each deposit you make. So if you make one deposit you will get an extra 11%, if you make 5 Deposit you will receive an additional 15% etc. But here is the extra […]

Small Fortune Free Spins

This week we are offering all our lovely players 40 Small Fortune Free Spins worth $20. If you have not played this game yet you are in for a treat with a picnic of prizes. If you like what you see with your free spins then stick around and you could be carrying off a small fortune of your own. The cheeky ants are grouped Wilds and trigger the free spin feature when they appear with a Picnic Basket. The more Ants and Baskets onscreen when the feature triggers, the more powerful your feature will be! Small Fortune Free Spins […]