12 Days of Kudos

14th December 2018

Our 12 Days of Kudos event starts here, we will be posting up special offers to last you all the way through to the big day so make sure to keep an eye on the blog

12 Days of Kudos – Daily Kudos Increases Every Day

Throughout the entire event we will be increasing your daily Kudos rate by 2% every day. This is on top of any and all other offers we are running. So as today is the first day you will get an extra 2% Daily Kudos for deposits made today, 4% for deposits tomorrow and so on until you receive an extra 24% for the last day of the event.

No-Strings Free Spins With your Deposits

And to continue our celebration with the amazing classic game, Asgard, we are running our Spin Boost Kudos event where you can claim Free Spins with as many deposits as you like! All with no wagering requirements or game restrictions at all, and this is on top of all your Kudos Cashback rewards

We asked and you answered – you would prefer more spins at a lower denomination, so this time we are doubling the number of spins available. Now you will receive 2 Free Spins for every full $10 of your deposit value.

So if you deposit $50 you will receive 10 free spins, if you deposit $105 you will receive 20 free spins etc. All the free spins are played on Asgard at $0.60 per spin, just redeem the code with your deposit.

Asgard Spin Boost Kudos – Code: QBUHX

If you want to know more about this game there is loads of information about the features and payouts, detailed specifications and video of the game in action.

Plus don’t forget you can claim your Asgard Free Spins code again today!

We really do listen to your suggestions so if there is something you like, dislike or would like to see different you should join the discussion with our friendly and ever present Social manger Steven on Facebook and Twitter.

P.S. All Spin Boost Kudos codes can be claimed as many times as you like during the event. Up to 25 free spins can be claimed on any one single deposit. All Free Spins are played at $0.60 per Spin. There is no wagering requirement on this offer. Event closes at 23:59 EST on Saturday 15th December.

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