Kudos Casino Now Accepts Bitcoin!

8th March 2017

Bitcoin is a currency just like Dollars, Pounds or Euros – the only difference is that it is entirely digital.

Depositing funds to your casino account using Bitcoin eliminates a lot of the potential frustrations of using your Credit Card, so if you already have some Bitcoin just follow the on screen instructions in the casino cashier.

If you don’t already have some Bitcoin read on for everything you need to know.

How to use Bitcoin

Don’t worry about the intimidating terminology, once you get into it Bitcoin is surprisingly easy. Essentially you can break the whole process down into three simple steps.

Create a wallet to store your Bitcoin

You are going to need somewhere to put the Bitcoin and keep it safe. Your wallet will be either a Mobile wallet that runs on your phone or a Web wallet that you can access online.

Get some Bitcoin

You can convert some of your local currency to Bitcoin at various online exchanges for a fee of around 1%. As you are buying currency you may need to verify your identity.

Deposit in the Casino

Just visit our cashier, choose the Bitcoin option and enter the amount you would like to deposit, from there just follow the on screen instructions. Once the transaction has been confirmed the funds will be credited to your casino balance, this usually takes 5-10 mins however it can take up to an hour.

The All in One Bitcoin Solution

There are some services that will combine buying and selling Bitcoin with a wallet all in one place. If you are new to Bitcoin this is a good place to start.

Some good examples of this are:

More Resources

There is a lot of very useful information and details of the websites that can be used to set everything up at the WikiHow page:

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