Asgard Spin Boost

6th April 2018

This weekend its our Asgard Spin Boost event where you can claim free spins on every deposit you make with no strings attached. As Asgard is an All Ways Pays game, and because we love to give you a little extra when we can, the bonuses are bigger at 12%. Asgard is currently our most popular game for good reason, so if you have not played it you should go and check out our full review which includes full details of all the features.

Asgard Spin Boost

If you have been around since Thunderstruck was a thing then skip to the codes. If you are new then here is how it works.

Our Spin Boost events are simplicity itself. Just make your deposit and claim the code to receive $1.20 of Free spins for every full $10 of your deposit amount. So if you deposit $51 you will get $6 of free spins. You can claim any of the codes as many times as you like and there are no wagering requirementsgame restrictions or any other funny business. You will even get cashback the next day if you are unlucky.

The Codes

All the codes will give you $1.20 of free spins for every full $10 of your deposit. After all the positive feedback from our St Patrick’s weekend we are giving you the choice of spin values again:

Thunder – 4 x $0.30 per $10 Deposited – Redeem Code: V43FU
THUNDER – 2 x $0.60 per $10 Deposited – Redeem Code: PDWME
THUNDERCATS HO! – 1 x $1.20 per $10 Deposited – Redeem Code: YEX3P

You can claim the codes from the available coupons section of the cashier, or by tapping on the code in the casino message we have sent you.

A bit of this, a bit of that…

I know I am mixing my metaphors but whenever I hear thunder I think ThunderCats. I don’t think any of you mind, or do you? Do you even know who the Thundercats are? Also, what do you think – Asgard vs. Thunderstruck? Who would win? Let us know what you think on Facebook and Twitter and as always Steven is there to bribe you with some Kudos for posting.

P.S. Up to $30 of spins can be claimed on a single deposit. There are no wagering requirements, game restrictions or maximum cashout on this event. You can claim any of the codes as many times as you like during event hours. Event closes at 23:59 EST on Monday 9th April.

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