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1st January 2017

The best casino cashback you will find is a Kudos Credit at Kudos Casino. But why play at a Cashback casino? Why not take the bonuses that are offered up front, surely they give you the most play time, the most fun and the best chance of winning?

The Downside of Deposit Bonuses

Some casinos offer very large deposit bonuses but then hit you with a huge play through. Others have obscure rules designed to catch you out if don’t read all the small print and stick to them precisely. There is always a catch to these large bonuses and sometimes this catch is well hidden. For example, some offers sound good but after you deposit you realise that the games you like only count 1/100 towards the play through. Either way you are committing your own hard earned cash to these restrictions.

So Play with Casino Cashback

So you don’t want to commit your own money to these rules and unknowns, but you still want the increased chance of winning and reward for your action that comes with bonuses. This is where playing at a Cashback Casino like Kudos Casino comes in. You play your own money however you like, on any games you like and if you are lucky you can hit the cashier and withdraw whenever you like. If not you get your cashback and another chance to win. Sounds like a no-brainer…

But what is the Best Casino Cashback?

The best casino cashback is a balance between the amount of cashback you receive and the rules that come with it. If you get a very low cashback rate it may come with no rules at all, but getting a 5% cashback doesn’t really give you another chance to play or win. For example getting a $10 cash chip after spending $200 is not exactly an incentive.

Likewise if you get a large cashback like 75% then the house will have to add a whole bunch of rules to slow you down or stop you from cashing out. For example getting $150 cashback sounds good for spending $200, but no fun at all when you have to wager it 35x (a whopping $5,250) before you can withdraw or play the games you want.

Be Like Goldilocks

So what you are looking for is cashback that is not too high and not too low, with just enough rules to make it fair while keeping it fun and flexible. This is why we believe that the best casino cashback is right here at Kudos Casino where you receive three generous Kudos Credits for every deposit with hardly any rules.

Three Kudos Credits on Every Deposit

At Kudos Casino you get cashback every morning for deposits you made the day before, cashback every Friday for deposits made in the last week, and cashback on the 1st for deposits made last month. So even if you just make one deposit you will receive three Kudos Credits, and if you are a regular player there is always a good credit around the corner. You don’t need to do anything to claim them, just play however you like and the Kudos will be credited for you.

Clear and Easy Rules

The best casino cashback will have clear and easy rules, so all Kudos credits have a play through of just 10x the amount and you can play any games you like with them. The maximum withdrawal starts at 20x your credit and increases with your Kudos Club Level so you will always have the chance to win back many times the amount you lost.

Best Casino Cashback Rates

The cashback rates are very generous, with your daily cashback rates starting at 25% and increasing to 38% with our Kudos Club. This means that if you spend $200 we will credit your account $50 the next day with the chance to win $1,000, and at Kudos Level 8 we would credit $76 with the chance to win $2,052! Plus you receive your Weekly and Monthly Kudos as well. Don’t forget that if it is your first day with us we increase your daily Kudos Rate to 150%

The Kudos Club

All your Daily, Weekly and Monthly Kudos Rates along with your maximum cashout increase with your Kudos Club Level. Many players find themselves promoted very quickly as you don’t need to be a high roller to be a VIP at Kudos Casino and get access to the very best casino cashback rates.

Kudos Credits are Unlimited and Stack Together

Your Kudos Credits even stack together when credited on the same day. So if you deposit $200 on a Thursday you will receive both your Daily and Weekly Kudos the next day. This would give a Kudos 1 player an $80 credit and the chance to win $1,600 and a Kudos 8 player a $132 credit and the chance to win $3,564!

There are no rules at all limiting the amount of your Kudos Credit. This is very useful a few times a year when the first of the month falls on a Friday. On these days (we call them perfect storm days) you will get your Daily, Weekly and Monthly Kudos all credited and stacked together.

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