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BitCoin is easy – and very rewarding!

9th October 2020

BitCoin is really very simple to use and is quickly becoming the future of using money online. It is easy, secure, fast and cheap. Don’t believe me? See for yourself, we will make it worth your while.

Why use BitCoin?

BitCoin allows fast and effortless transactions to and from your casino account. Deposits are a breeze and withdrawals are paid the same day if your account is verified. All you need is a somewhere to keep your BitCoin, and that is where CoinBase comes in.

What is CoinBase?

CoinBase is simply a wallet that you use to send, receive, store and exchange BitCoin for your local currency. They are currently one of the largest in the world and have traded over $2 Billion!

Make it worth my while you said?

We have four offers that will certainly do that:

$10 of BTC absolutely free – If you create your CoinBase account via the link in this post they will give you $10 of BTC absolutely free when you have bought or sold $100 of BTC

$10 absolutely Free on your Next BitCoin deposit in the casino – Just redeem this code with your next BTC deposit to receive $10 with no strings attached. No wagering requirement, no max cashout, no nothing. Redeem Code: V4EWJ

10% Deposit Boost every Month You can boost any BTC deposit by 10% once per month. Just claim this offer with your BTC deposit and the extra funds are available to play instantly. Once again there are no wagering requirements, no max cashouts, no nothing. Redeem Code: GWDF3

10% Weekly BitCoin Kudos – Every week, in addition to your weekly kudos, we will credit your account with an extra 10% Kudos for any BitCoin you spend with us.

But BitCoin is so confusing!

True, it can be. Trying to understand how the Blockchain works is a labour of love, however you don’t need to know exactly how your computer works in order to use it!

Forget about all that for now and treat it as an online wallet just like any other. You fund it with your card or bank account and then send or receive money wherever you want.

To transfer out, just hit withdraw in your wallet and the funds hit your bank 2 days later.

OK, I am sold. What do I do now?

You go visit CoinBase using this link:

Follow the on screen instructions to create, verify and fund your account. They have 11Million account holders so you won’t have any problems.

Once you have loaded your account, visit the casino cashier. Enter the $ amount you want to deposit and you will be shown our BitCoin address and the amount of BTC to send.

Then just go back to your CoinBase account and send the funds. That’s it.

If you have any questions at all just get in touch, we would love to hear from you!

P.S. $10 on your first BTC purchase has no wagering requirement, no maximum cashout and no game restrictions. $10 of free BTC is administered by CoinBase, for full details and restrictions check their website. 10% Monthly BTC Kudos is added to your Regular Monthly Kudos and is calculated as 10% of BTC spent in the casino, standard Kudos Rules apply. 10% Boost to your deposit is available on one deposit per month and has no wagering requirement, no maximum cashout and no game restrictions. All these offers run indefinitely however may be withdrawn at our discretion.

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