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Casino Bonuses with No Wagering

1st January 2017

At Kudos Casino we believe that you should be able to cash out winnings from your own money whenever you like. That is why we only offer casino bonuses with no wagering requirement. We will never ask you to commit your own money to a wagering requirement – ever.

Casino Bonuses with No Wagering Requirement

At Kudos Casino life is simple and fun – you deposit and play however you like. If you are lucky you cashout whenever you like, if not we give you the best casino cashback.

We still want to make those deposits even more fun and both boost your play time and your chances to hit the big one. So as well as our Kudos Cashback we offer loads of promotions and offers as well.

All our deposit offers have one thing in common though – they are all casino bonuses with no wagering requirement.

The Devil is in the Details

That 200% Slots offer may seem good on the surface, and it will certainly increase your play time. But what happens when you win?

The first thing you do is check how much more you have to play before you can withdraw. If you deposit $200 with this offer and the wagering requirement is 30x then you are in for a long night – $18,000 of wagering. This could be as many as 45,000 spins if you are playing at 40c.

Some casinos even make the games you want to play count less. This increases the play through even more, especially if you want to play table or card games.

But I was going to play that much anyway

Sure, you may have. But being told what to do takes the fun out of it as now you have no choice. If you are playing casino bonuses with no wagering requirement you can always carry on playing as long as you are hot. If you feel the cards start to turn or your instincts are telling you to cashout then you can go right ahead.

This is the freedom of being able to do what you want to.

At Kudos Casino we only do Casino Bonuses with no Wagering

All of them, whether it is deposit bonuses or free spins you will never commit your own funds to a wagering requirement at Kudos Casino.

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