Kudos Boost

20th September 2019

This weekend we are giving everyone a Kudos Boost. This event gives you more Kudos Credits every single day with the amount you receive increasing with your Kudos Club Level.

Kudos Boost

Everyone will get a Kudos Boost of at least 12% to their Daily Casino Cashback Rates, with an extra 1% added on top of this for every level you have progressed in our Kudos Club. So if you are new to Kudos Casino you will receive an extra 12%, or at Level 3 we will add 15% to your Daily Kudos rate giving you a total of 45%.

Kudos Credits are the best cashback in the business with no game restrictions, a low wagering requirement of just 10x the credit amount and a maximum cashout starting at 20x.

How to Claim

All you have to do is deposit and play however you like. If you are unlucky your Kudos will be credited automatically for you the next morning. You can find your current Kudos Club level in your player messages. Alternatively your Kudos Club Level and all your Club benefits are scrolling along the bottom of the lobby of our download and instant play casinos. If you are having trouble finding it just contact support and we will be happy to assist.

The Kudos Club

The Kudos Club is a fantastic way to increase every aspect of your Kudos Rewards. Each level increases your daily, weekly and monthly cashback rates. Plus it also increases your maximum cashouts and the rate you earn Kudos Comp points.

You don’t need to be a whale to be a VIP as we promote players up very quickly.

If you have any questions at all we are here for you on live chat and if you want to see what else is going in go have a look at our Facebook and Twitter pages.

P.S. All the information you need on your Daily Kudos is here. The additional Kudos is unlimited and is applied on deposits made until 23:59 EST on Monday 23rd September.

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