Kudos Cashback Ladder

19th January 2018

Every day this weekend we are running a new event we are calling the Kudos Cashback Ladder. This event gives everyone a huge boost to their Daily Kudos Rates with the amount of boost you get depending on your Kudos Club Level.

Kudos Cashback Ladder

To start with everyone will receive an extra 10% Daily Kudos. Then you will receive another another 1% Daily Kudos per Kudos Club Level. So at Kudos Level 1 you will get 11%, a Kudos Level 5 player will get 15% and a Kudos Level 8 player will get 18% etc.

The event starts today with your the extra Kudos from the Kudos Cashback Ladder being credited tomorrow morning. As with all our cashback you don’t have to do anything to claim it, just deposit and play however you like. If you are unlucky the Kudos will be credited for you the next morning giving you even more winning chances.

The Kudos Club

All the benefits of your Kudos Club Membership are listed on our Kudos Club page. Here you will see that your Kudos Level not only dramatically increases your Daily, Weekly and Monthly Kudos Levels, but also the rate that you earn Comp Points and your maximum cashouts. You can find your Kudos Club Level scrolling across the bottom of the lobby in our Download and Instant Play casinos. You can also find your Kudos Club Level in your player messages.

At Kudos we have the best casino cashback and our Kudos Club makes it even better. If you are unsure of your Kudos Level just get in touch.

How to Get Promoted

We do level changes every week and take a range of factors into account to ensure that everyone gets promoted as quickly as possible. It can only take a few deposits to get through the first couple of levels. You don’t need to be a whale to make a splash at Kudos Casino.

So how far would you go to either extreme? Would you prefer to play 132 free spins at 1c per line or is that getting a bit silly. Let us know on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

P.S. All the information you need on your Daily Kudos is here and the additional Kudos will be applied on deposits made until 23:59 EST on Monday 22nd January.


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