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12th June 2018

The Kudos Casino Reddit is now live at!



In its simplest form Reddit is a way to find, share and talk about anything. Users post interesting, funny or unusual content. If you like the content you up-vote, if you don’t you down-vote. The content that is most popular rises to the top of your feed and you can of course discuss and share experiences in the comments.

Reddit does not ask for any personal information when you create your account, just an email address so you can recover your password.

What on Earth is a Subreddit?

The content is divided into categories called subreddits. By subscribing or unsubscribing to these subreddits you can control which content is given priority when you are on Reddit. So, if you like cute animals you subscribe to r/awww, if you like gardening you can subscribe to r/gardening.

There are an almost infinite amount of these subreddits catering for every imaginable interest (have a look at r/ggggg – a subreddit dedicated to the letter ‘g’) and a good selection of content is made available for you right from the start with no messing about.

So Why a Kudos Casino Reddit?

The Kudos Casino Subreddit is way for us to connect with each other. As it is separate from your normal social media circles you can be free to say whatever is on your mind. Senior staff moderate our subreddit so you can also use it to connect directly with our management team. Of course we will be posting up our regular offers, news and updates but we aim to make it much more than this.

Plus you will find all kinds of other great content while you are there. Seriously, whenever I have a few mins of spare time to mess about on the internet I always find myself on Reddit.

Go and See for Yourself

Reddit is one of the biggest websites in the world for good reason! Head on over to r/KudosCasino, subscribe and say hi. It is very easy to do. While you are there have a scroll through all the other amazing content available. I guarantee you will keep going back.

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