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March Code Breaker

Code Breaker

As well as our other regular offers we are going to have a little fun this month with a code breaking challenge. Redeem the codes to reveal the clues that will lead you a rather tasty treat!

March Code Breaker

There are five Code Coupons in total. When you visit the Coupons section of the cashier you will see the first one. Each one you redeem will reveal the next one. All the codes are worth more than $20.

Each code will start some free spins on a mystery game. The first letter of the name of this game is your clue. The five letters together will be the final special code. This code will not appear in the cashier, you will need to enter it in manually. Redeem this code for the special code breaker bonus.

Code 1 – 30 x $0.68 Free Spins on Plentiful Treasures – Clue 1 = P
Code 2 – Free Spins on ???? – Clue 2 = ?
Code 3 – Free Spins on ???? – Clue 3 = ?
Code 4 – Free Spins on ???? – Clue 4 = ?
Code 5 – Free Spins on ???? – Clue 5 = ?

Code Breaker Bonus – $10 Chip + 40 x $0.80 Free Spins – Redeem Code: P????

So to Recap

So to recap; claim each code as they appear in the cashier, when your free spins start write down the first letter in the name of the game, the five letters form a coupon code, enter this code manually to claim the final spins. You will need to make a cash deposit between claiming any Spin Codes, and they will only show in the list when you are ready to claim them.

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P.S. We ask that you make at least one deposit between spin codes, wager your winnings from the free spins 25x on any game you like before withdrawing up to $150. Each code must be claimed in order. All five clue codes must be redeemed to receive the final prize code. Offers expires at the end of March 2020.