Welcome to Kudos Casino

Kudos Casino is something different, really simple and we are sure you are going to love it!

How it Works

Just deposit and play without restrictions – if you win we pay you fast, if not we give you Kudos.

You receive Daily Kudos every day, Weekly Kudos every Friday, and Monthly Kudos on the 1st of every month. That’s three Kudos Credits for any unlucky deposit. Your Kudos is credited automatically, so relax and enjoy the games.

150% First Day Cashback

As a special welcome we will increase your first Daily Kudos to 150% So make your first deposit and for the rest of the day you can earn the 150% Kudos rate.

Kudos Credits

Kudos is amazing. There are no game restrictions, a tiny wagering requirement (just 10x) and huge cashouts which increase with your Kudos Club level.

Claiming Promotions

Your Kudos is credited automatically, but you can always claim something extra. All our other offers are in the cashier, just hit the one you want to claim. If you have a special coupon code you can redeem this in the cashier too.

Kudos Club

As a new player you are Kudos Level 1. Continue to play and you will automatically climb the Kudos Club. We promote regular play so you don’t need to be a whale to be a VIP. Check out all the Kudos Club benefits from the top right menu (≡).

Getting in Touch

If you need anything our support team are here for you 24/7. Get in touch by email (support@kudoscasino.com) or by live chat in the top right menu (≡).

Best of luck!
Kudos Support