More Casino Cashback

6th March 2020

Get even more casino cashback this weekend at Kudos Casino with an increase to your Daily Kudos Rate of up to 25%!

More Casino Cashback

To start with we are increasing your Daily Kudos rate by a whopping 10%! Then we will increase this by another 1% Daily Kudos for each deposit you make. So when you make one deposit you will get an extra 11%, if you deposit five times you will receive an additional 15% etc.

But here is the extra special bit – your extra cashback accumulates over the whole weekend!

When we credit your extra Daily Kudos we take into account all the deposits you have made since Friday. So make two deposits on Friday to receive an extra 12%; make two more deposits on Saturday to get an extra 14% and so on all the way through to Monday. You can make deposits at any time to increase your daily Kudos Rate by up to 25%

How to Claim

All you have to do is deposit and play however you like. You will receive your Kudos credit automatically the next morning if you are unlucky. Remember that we will wait to credit your Kudos if you balance is more than $10. Just let us know when you are ready and we will credit it manually for you.

The Kudos Club

The Kudos Club is a fantastic way to increase every aspect of your Kudos Rewards. Each level increases your daily, weekly and monthly cashback rates. Plus it also increases your maximum cashouts and the rate you earn Kudos Comp points. You don’t need to be a whale to be a VIP as we promote players up very quickly.

Steve always loves to hear from you on our Facebook and Twitter (he actually does) and is not above a little bribery, so head over there see whats going on.

P.S. All the information you need on your Daily Kudos is here. The additional Kudos is capped at 25% and is applied on deposits made until 23:59 EST on Monday 9th March. 

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