Problems Depositing? Some useful hints…

11th July 2016

It is frustrating when you know there are funds on the card but your deposit just wont go through, so to help you out we have compiled this list of useful hints:

1.    Make sure all your personal details are correct – some processors can decline transactions attempts if your details with us do not exactly match those on your card.

2.    Try a different amount – some of our processors can only handle transactions of $35 or more so to maximize your chances try above this amount.

3.    Try a different card – sometimes our processors cannot handle a certain card even if there are funds on the account.

4.    Try a different card type – try your Visa if you are having difficulties with a MasterCard and vice versa.

5.    Put the kettle on – our processors restrict how many deposits you can attempt per hour, so go make a nice cup of tea and come back in a little while.

As you continue to make successful deposits your profile will increase and you will find it increasingly easy to make purchases, so once you get a few deposits on things will get a lot easier.

If you have tried all of the above and are still struggling please contact our support team and we can review all your transaction attempts for you.

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