Push Notifications

26th March 2018

You may have noticed a small invitation at the top of your browser inviting you to allow us to send you push notifications. In this post we will give you some information about these push notifications, what you can expect if you subscribe to them and how to unsubscribe.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are an unintrusive way to keep up to date with our promotions, offers and news updates. If you are subscribed you will see a small notification at the bottom of your browser  when we post our latest offers to the special events section of our website. Subscribing is very easy and you can opt out at any time from your browser settings.

You will only receive the notification if you are already online and browsing the web and your data is completely secure.


When you visit our website with Chrome or Firefox you will see a small invitation at the top of the screen. Just click on ‘Allow’ and then confirm. That’s it.

If you have selected ‘Don’t Allow’ and change your mind it is not too late. Just follow the instructions below to either change the settings or simply delete the entry and visit our site again.


Unsubscribing or managing your push notifications is very easy. Within each notification there is a settings icon (it looks like a cog), just click on that to manage your subscriptions. To manage your subscriptions otherwise follow these steps:


  1. Open a new tab and paste in the following: chrome://settings/content
  2. Click on “Notifications”
  3. Scroll through your subscriptions and Block or Delete them as you wish


  1. Click the settings icon on the right of your browser window and choose “Options”
  2. Choose “Content”
  3. Browse your subscriptions and set each one as required

What do you think?

If you have any comments or questions at all please contact support and let us know, alternatively you can join the discussion on our Facebook and Twitter pages. We really are keen to hear what you think.

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