Spin Boost and Reddit Kudos

15th June 2018

This weekend at Kudos Casino not only can you play our legendary Spin Boost event but we also have an additional Reddit Kudos Credit worth 10x your Kudos Club Level on offer!

Reddit Kudos Credit

This week we have launched our very own subreddit. We are so excited that we are giving all our depositing players a Kudos Credit (not a free chip) worth 10x your current Kudos Club Level just for popping in and saying hello. That’s $20 if you are at Kudos Level 2, $50 if you are level 5 etc.

If you are new to Reddit we have whole post explaining what it is and all the cool things about it. But in short, Reddit is amazing and we are certain you are going to love it.

So if you have already made at least one deposit at any time then head on over. If not then this is yet another reason to do so! Now you can not only claim your spin boost and claim another free spin code, you can claim an extra $10 Kudos too. And this is in addition to three (3!) Kudos Credits including 150% Cashback on your entire first day!

That’s two free codes, a spin boost, three cashback credits and an extra $10 all for one deposit. That is a whole lot of bang for your Buck!

How to Claim your Reddit Kudos Credit

Very easy. Just follow the steps:

  1. Visit our subreddit and subscribe
  2. Say hello in the introductions thread
  3. Mod Mail us your casino username

That’s it. It is best not to post your casino username in the public forum so make sure you use Reddit’s Mod Mail feature. On the sidebar you will see our moderators, click on the mail icon. Type your message, give it a subject line and send it. We will credit the Kudos to your account with our regular Kudos run at ~3am EST the following day.

reddit-kudos-modmail1 Reddit Kudos Modmail2

Free Spin Boost

Now to the Spin Boost! This weekend we are going to run with the two most popular games of all time – PayDirt! and Cash Bandits 2. And due to popular demand we are giving you the choice of two coin sizes to play again. All the codes have the same value so you can simply choose the game and style of play you prefer.

All you regulars can skip to the codes below. If not read on to find out what you have been missing all this time.

Here’s how it works. Any deposit you make this weekend can be boosted with some extra free spins with no strings attached at all. You receive $1 worth of Free Spins for each full $10 of your deposit. There are no wagering requirements, maximum cashouts, game restrictions or anything else to get in the way. To claim just redeem the code of your choice with your deposit.

The Codes

All the codes will give you $1.00 of free spins for every full $10 of your deposit. You have a choice of two great games and two coin sizes for each. You can claim the codes from the available coupons section of the cashier. Alternatively you can hit the code from your casino messages.

4 x $0.25 per $10 Deposited – Redeem Code: Y8H6U
2 x $0.50 per $10 Deposited – Redeem Code: HQHMP

Cash Bandits 2
4 x $0.25 per $10 Deposited – Redeem Code: AD4K8
2 x $0.50 per $10 Deposited – Redeem Code: FJ8GA

So go head on over to Reddit or if you must, our Facebook and Twitter!

P.S. Up to $25 of spins can be claimed on a single deposit. There are no wagering requirements, game restrictions or maximum cashout on this event. You can claim any of the codes as many times as you like during event hours. The Reddit Kudos Credit is like all other Kudos Credits, full details of which are available here. Both events close at 23:59 EST on Monday 18th June.

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