Terms & Conditions

Please read the following Terms of Service carefully. By registering an account with Kudos Casino you agree that you fully understand and accept all of the following.

Kudos Casino is restricted to individuals who are over 18 years of age, of legal age of majority and who are resident in jurisdictions where the use of Kudos Casino and its games is not prohibited by local or national law. All wagers are void where prohibited by law.

It is your responsibility to determine the legality of online gaming in your local jurisdiction. If you are unsure you should seek legal counsel before playing for real money.

Players who choose to play for real money do so at their own discretion and risk. As with all gambling, there is the risk of losing money with this software.

Players from the following countries are not permitted to hold an account with Kudos Casino: Belgium, Costa Rica, Curacao, France, Germany, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, Switzerland, United Kingdom.

Players from the following countries must make a cash purchase before redeeming any non-deposit bonuses: Albania, Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Djibouti, Egypt, Estonia, Georgia, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Moldova, Montenegro, Myanmar, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Russia, Russian Federation, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Somalia, South Africa, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Uruguay, Uzbekistan, Zimbabwe

If it is determined that you have created a player account from an excluded country or are not of legal age to gamble, any account balance will be void and any initial deposit will be refunded.

All wagering and account balances at Kudos Casino are conducted in US Dollars (USD). Purchases with any other currency are accepted and will be converted to USD at the banks current exchange rate. Kudos Casino will not be liable for any currency conversion expenses or any additional charges applied by your financial provider.

Kudos Casino will make every effort to maintain a stable and reliable platform, however cannot guarantee 100% up time. In the case of a server malfunction any unresolved wagers still in progress will be void.

Kudos Casino reserves the right to change or amend this agreement or the terms and conditions of its promotional offers at any time and without prior notice.

Representations and Warranties

By using our website or software you represent that:

  • You are at least the age of legal majority in the jurisdiction in which you reside.
  • You understand that games may be played for free, or for money.
  • You do not find the website or software to be offensive, objectionable, unfair, nor indecent.
  • You fully indemnify us from any costs or damages that may arise from your use of our website or software.
  • You accept that the game server will determine the game results and that in the event of a dispute the records stored on the game server will be deemed accurate.

Kudos Casino may withhold play, winnings or account balances and/or apply charges to your casino account should we, in our sole discretion, determine the account to be fraudulent; or if we determine that you have played with us, or any other online casino under any of the following circumstances:

  • If you hold more than one account, or your account is linked to other accounts.
  • If the name on your casino account does not match any credit card, deposit or withdrawal method registered or used on the account
  • If the signature on your verification form does not match your credit card and/or verification documents.
  • If the verification documents provided have been altered, manipulated or have had identifying information removed
  • If you provide false, incorrect or misleading information when opening your casino account.
  • If you have allowed or permitted (purposely or not) another party access to your casino account.
  • If you have reversed, disputed or charged back any of the purchases on your casino account.
  • If your deposited funds have not cleared
  • If you are found cheating, have disrupted the natural randomness of the games or are involved in any form of automated, commercial, collusion or syndicate play.

In addition, Kudos Casino reserves the right to:

  • Cancel your membership at any time and without notice. Any funds in your account will be credited to you via the method of our choice.
  • Limit or refuse your purchases or wagers, and refuse or rescind any bonus offers made.
  • Make final decision on the transaction methods available to you for deposits and withdrawals.

Cash Handling

If your casino account is dormant for a period of 180 days your account balance will be reduced to zero. This is to ensure our affiliates are compensated fairly. These funds can be reinstated at any time by contacting customer services.

Any cash deposits need to be wagered at least once prior to withdrawal.

There is no maximum withdrawal limit however large wins may be paid in instalments depending on the limitations of the payment method used to withdraw.

Withdrawals will be paid back to the deposit method used to fund the account. In the case this is not possible, or at our sole discretion, withdrawals will be paid via Wire Transfer.

Kudos Casino will cash out the full balance on account or maximum allowed when withdrawals are requested from play involving bonus funds.

Kudos Casino reserves the right to apply reasonable charges for processing withdrawals. When withdrawing from free offers or cash back credits a fee will always be applied. If a maximum withdrawal restriction is in place this charge will applied after the maximum withdrawal restriction has been applied.

Account Verification

All withdrawals are subject to audit and are only paid to verified accounts. To start the verification process please visit our secure online verification system and follow the on screen instructions: https://verify.income-network.com

You will also need to complete at least one cash deposit. This is for verification purposes only and can be withdrawn with no wagering requirement.

Our cashier team will then contact you via email to let you know if anything else is required.

Kudos Casino does reserve the right to request additional documentation to confirm your identity. This may include copies of government issued photo ID, recent utility bills, credit cards, a signed purchase history, a photograph of yourself holding any of these documents, and/or other appropriate or notarised documentation.

Your account may be closed and any balances void if you fail to provide this within 10 working days from our request, if any of the documentation provided is inconsistent with the information provided at registration, or if in our sole opinion the documents have been falsified or manipulated.

Privacy Policy

You should keep your account information strictly confidential as you are solely responsible for your account transactions and any use of the software application through your account.

Your personal identity and all the information you provide to us will remain strictly confidential. Kudos Casino will not sell, rent or share your personal information with any third party unless compelled by law. We use up-to-date industry procedures to keep personal data as safe and secure as possible and to protect against loss, unauthorised disclosure or access.

Kudos Casino will not report wagering information or details of any winnings on your behalf.

Refund Policy

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your deposit we will, upon your request, make a refund of the balance currently held in your account. Any bonuses in your account will deducted prior to calculating the amount to be refunded.

A refund request will only be considered if it is requested within thirty days of the transaction being made.

We reserve the right to withhold any refund until your identity has been verified. Our account verification procedure is detailed above.

If you have funded your account with a credit or debit card we reserve the right to pay all withdrawal requests up to the total amount deposited as refunds against the deposits you have made. If your withdrawals exceed the total amount deposited, any excess amount will be paid to you via one of our alternative payment methods.

Responsible Gaming Policy

At Kudos Casino gambling can be fun and exciting. We fully support playing responsibly so if gambling stops being fun, or starts to affect other aspects of your life we can offer a range of services to help you manage your account.

We can apply limits to the amount you can deposit per day, week or month. We can do this either by deposit method or for your account as a whole. Alternatively we can exclude you from the casino entirely, either for a set period of time or on a permanent basis.

All these options are available by contacting our customer services team.

Promotional Terms and Conditions

You can opt out of receiving bonus offers at any time by contacting customer support.

Each promotion can only be claimed once per family, household, IP address or device and only the original recipient of any promotion is permitted to claim it.

Unless stated otherwise you cannot combine offers.

Unless stated otherwise all bonuses are non-redeemable. You can withdraw any profit made by wagering these credits, but the bonus credits themselves will be removed when any subsequent withdrawal is processed.

Failure to comply with the rules for any part of a promotion will result in all winnings from the promotion being void. Any winnings derived from game features triggered or games started while bonus play is active will count as part of the promotion.

You should not combine cash balances or purchases with Bonuses, Free Spins or any other offer. Under these circumstances all subsequent play will be viewed as bonus play and any maximum cashout restrictions will apply.

Unless stated otherwise you are only permitted to claim one non-deposit bonus before your first purchase of at least $20 or between any subsequent purchases of at least $20. You are not permitted to claim a non-deposit bonus if the last transaction on your account was a withdrawal.

After any non-redeemable bonuses and fees have been deducted you will be eligible to withdraw at least $50 from any non-deposit bonus.

When playing with any free offer redeemed prior to playing your first purchase the maximum cashout is $50. You are only permitted to cashout from one such offer across our group of casinos.

Winning from Free Roll tournaments are considered non-deposit bonuses.

Your wagers must be $5 or less if the bonus claimed is 100% or more of your deposit value, or if redeemed prior to your first purchase. Customer services cannot override this restriction.

This maximum includes any additions to your original bet including raises, doubles and certain slots features, and remains in place as long as the bonus funds remain in your balance. The maximum bet may be reduced further depending on the offer, so make sure to check the terms of each promotion before playing.

Any promotional rules, including betting, wagering or game restrictions remain active as long as the bonus funds remain in your account regardless of the wagering requirement.

Unless specifically stated otherwise you can only play our Live Dealer casino with a clean cash deposit.

Kudos Rules

Kudos Credits will be applied to your account according to the schedule as set out on our website. Players are not required to receive Kudos Credits and can opt out by notifying Customer Services.

Kudos credits have a wagering requirement and a maximum withdrawal that scales with your Kudos Club Level. All games are permitted equally while wagering Kudos Credits.

If daily, weekly, monthly or promotional Kudos Credits are to be applied on the same day they will be counted as a single large credit amount for the purposes of calculating the wagering requirement. The maximum withdrawal restriction applies to the original credit amount.

Kudos credits are calculated as a percentage of deposits lost in the casino in the time period. All times quoted are in Eastern Standard Time. Kudos Credits will be applied before midday on the day specified.

We will not apply your Kudos credits if you have a balance of $5 or more. If you have missed out on your Kudos Credit for this or any other reason just contact Customer Services and we will apply them manually.

On your first day only the 150% promotional Kudos rate will be applied. Your maximum bet when playing your first day Kudos is $5. The maximum first day Kudos credit amount is $600, all other Kudos Credits have no maximum amount and a maximum bet of $10.

Kudos Points are earned for every wager placed in the casino. The amount earned depends on your Kudos Club Level. Wagers on Craps will not earn Kudos Points. Kudos Points can be redeemed for Kudos Credits in the cashier at the rate of 100 Kudos Points to $1.