VIP Casino Cashback

4th May 2018

For this weekend only we are promoting everyone to Kudos Level 8! This means VIP Casino Cashback for everyone. If you are already Level 8 then we will be contacting you personally with something a little bit special.

VIP Casino Cashback

This not only means that your Daily Kudos rate will be instantly increased to an incredible 38% but the max cashout will increase to a very generous 27x. So for example, if you deposit $100 you can play however you like and get paid out fast if you win. If you are unlucky you would receive $38 Kudos the next day with the opportunity win over $1,000. That’s more than 10x your initial stake!

We firmly believe that Kudos is the way to play – you can do whatever you like with your own money, you will never have to ask for a bonus and every promotion we ever offer will have no games restrictions.

How to Claim

That’s the best bit – you don’t need to do anything! Just deposit and play however you like, whenever you like. If you are unlucky the Kudos will be in your account the next day. Remember that we don’t want to mix your Kudos with your Cash so will wait to credit your Kudos if you have more than $10. If this happens just let us know when you are ready and we will credit it manually for you.

The Kudos Club

The Kudos Club is a fantastic way to increase every aspect of your Kudos Rewards. Each level increases your daily, weekly and monthly cashback rates. Plus it also increases your maximum cashouts and the rate you earn Kudos Comp points. You don’t need to be a whale to be a VIP as we promote players up very quickly.

Steve always loves to hear from you on our Facebook and Twitter (he actually does) and is not above a little bribery, so head over there see whats going on.

P.S. All the information you need on your Daily Kudos is here. Kudos and max cashout rates for Kudos Level 8 will be applied to all deposits made until 23:59 on Monday 7th May.

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